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holy! holy! holy! holy! holy! holy! — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
erin lynne.

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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2008|03:50 pm]
erin lynne.
i haven't been here in awhile...
lj just doesn't hold the same allure that it did. i'm becoming more shy, withdrawn, & private than ever before. i can't bear to communicate with anyone, online or in person. my mouth is on mute, i can't say anything anymore. but if you want to keep up with my life add me on myspace or facebook. i have a blog but it's more about the things i like than about me & my going ons but you could check it out anyway.

i do miss some of you. i frequently think of you & wonder how you're doing. especially 82iwant, miragesof, impeccablyblue, papercutfactory...

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(no subject) [Jan. 16th, 2008|03:08 pm]
erin lynne.
do it.
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(no subject) [Oct. 28th, 2007|09:32 pm]
erin lynne.

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the rein-elle-peacock [Oct. 18th, 2007|12:42 am]
erin lynne.
[current mood |highhigh]
[current music |feist]

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! [Aug. 16th, 2007|02:27 am]
erin lynne.
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avant-garde/experimental films i need to/am watching. [Jul. 4th, 2007|01:43 pm]
erin lynne.

berlin: symphony of a great city
un chein andalou [dali film]
the fall of the house of usher
l'age d'or
lot in sodom
man with a movie camera
rubber johnny
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hi. [Jun. 29th, 2007|05:30 pm]
erin lynne.

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please buy me: [Jun. 19th, 2007|11:45 pm]
erin lynne.
[current mood |blahshopaholic]
[current music |my poochies fighting]

this is a reminder to myself to stop carelessly spending my money. i need to save up & buy these things...
wishlist.Collapse )
i know some of the images don't work. & guess what? i don't care.
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a bout de souffle. [Jun. 16th, 2007|12:31 pm]
erin lynne.
[current mood |boredbored]
[current music |sufjan stevens]

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hare. [Jun. 15th, 2007|12:19 am]
erin lynne.
[current mood |chipperchipper]

before & after.Collapse )
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